Sunday, 28 October 2012

Adele Welsby Knot Garden update

So I started the second extra border of the Adele Welsby Blackwork Knot Garden I'm currently stitching and completed two sides of it last night. Just couldn't stop myself! Oh, ok, the wee small hours of yesterday morning actually! Then I had an even better idea for a new second border consisting of beads, some the same size as the orginal beads and some larger, more decorative, 6mm Swarovski Marguerite, flower shaped, almost flat crystals (as recently added to the Sweetheart Tree wedding sampler I recently completed). My newly designed second border is now becoming the third and final border, incorporating four larger, 8mm Swarovski Marguerite crystals, one in each corner, possibly with blackwork leaves or vines coming out from underneath? New chart of remaining border now drawn up by hand (does anyone know of any good, reasonably priced, computer software, that could do this for me?) and ready to start later today. Enjoying this so much! Wish I could do it for a living!! And think this piece is going to be so pretty once it's finished! :O)
Jane x

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