Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My first ever blog!! :O)

So here it is, my first ever post!
The idea of my stitching blog (and I've wanted to do one for ages but thought I didn't have skill!) is to let people all over the world see what I am currently stitching, have already stitched or what WIPs (works in progress) are lurking at the back of my craft cupboard crying out to be finished!
I will be up loading photos of finished pieces in due course and then hope to upload regular photos of current projects as I do them. I will try to update my blog on a regular basis but if I'm not around for a while please don't think I've gone away! I work fulltime so don't always get as much time to stitch as I would like!
I would welcome your comments and would also love to see what you are stitching, so please don't be shy!
I hope you enjoy my stitching blog!
Bye for now.
Happy stitching!
Jane x


  1. Can't wait to see all your project photos uploaded :)
    Think you should also show photos of projects even if you are only part way through, so we followers can watch your work grown :) Laura x

  2. Hi Laura,
    That's exactly what I intended to do! Thought it might give me more enthusiam to get the WIPs finished, too! Many thanks for your comments! Please pop in again from time to time. :O)
    Jane x