Thursday, 25 October 2012

One of 'those' feelings! Love Quilts UK

Isn't it amazing how sometimes things happen? And how you feel they are meant to happen even though you didn't have any part in planning them?!
Well, this just happened to me!
I have been trying to get a copy of a Joan Elliott chart 'Angel of Cross Stitch' which isn't available anymore, for I don't know how long but so far, no luck. Then out of the blue I found a copy (original, no less!) on Ebay by accident and was lucky enough to just win it! The seller had other items for sale including a pattern for a celtic cross stitch heart by 'MagdaP Designs'. So I put this into the Google search engine and it bought up the website (see my 'Favourite Designer' links on the left hand side of my blog). I found out that the lady who had sold me my JE chart is, infact, the lady who's website this is and who designs these charts. Apart from the fact that they are amazing, for every chart bought online, she donates part of the cost to a children's charity called Love Quilts UK! Their link is also under my 'Favourite Designers' for easy access. What a very special lady! Then I found out she has a Facebook page (MagdaP Designs) which I love and have now 'liked' and will be watching as well! 
I then looked into Love Quilts UK and was amazed to find that it 'is a world-wide group of volunteer stitchers and quilters who cross stitch squares for British children under the age of 19 years, who have life threatening or life-long illnesses. The squares are then made into beautiful quilts which are given to the children with no cost to their families'. And guess what! They are always happy to accept new stitchers and quilters! All the details are there on the website.
So there it is! That feeling that something was meant to happen albeit out of my control! I was meant to buy that particular JE 'AoCS' chart, so I could find MagdaP and her designs, FB page, website and ultimately Love Quilts UK!
As a result I am definitely going to stitch a square and send it up to them. And who knows, although I never have enough time to stitch, I probably won't stop at one! Could be a very good, ongoing project for in between other projects!
Please take a little bit of time to look at their website. You never know, you may feel the same! After all, isn't that why you are reading my blog? :O)
Jane x  

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