Friday, 2 November 2012

Update on magazine stash

Hi there,
Well, have made a start on going through my old cross stitch magazines and removing the original charts I want to keep. Not as many complete magazines to sell on at this stage although I have decided to keep many more charts than I originally thought I would!!!! However, enjoying doing this much needed task and actually finding it really rewarding! Shame I don't feel the same about housework! Lol! Still got a lot to do as not even a quarter of the way through the stash yet but that will then result in lots of singles charts to sell as well, as the magazines get newer. Have decided to offer all the cut up magazines free to anyone who wants them locally (in return for their collection) as there are still loads and loads of charts in them which whilst obviously not my choice, could definitely be someone else's! So hope this exercise will not only benefit me in several ways but also another stitcher in my area, too! :o)
Anyway, back to the mountain of magazines for the next 'ascent'! Lol!
Jane x


  1. Hi Jane,

    I'm sorry to leave a reply here but I can't seem to message you any other way :(

    The design on my blog was a travelling pattern that I was fortunate enough to participate in. I believe the design was a complementary one offered by a cross stitch store many moons ago and it was a LHN design.

    The box I got from a fantastic website called The Boxy Lady and all the trimmings were from Hobbycraft.

    Sorting all your magazines sounds like fun. I recently started to sort mine out. The idea is that they can stay if there are designs in that I might stitch one day, otherwise they are going to be put on ebay.

    Take care, Sharon

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Hope you are ok. Thanks for your message and the information. Funny you should say that about not being able to email me because I am having trouble leaving people comments on their blogs. I wonder if it's connected? Are you normally able to email people through their blogs rather than via comments because I've looked for a way to do that on other people's blogs as well but don't seem to be able to do that either! And does my google email address not appear in the top right hand corner of my blog? Don't mind that being used or my Hotmail account ( but would prefer stitching chats to appear on my stitching blog if at all possible as I don't check my hotmail account that often and my googlemail one even less. Thought I'd got this 'blogging' lark down to a tee but not so sure now! :O(
    Something I have noticed about your blog, are the 'tabs' at the top of your home page. Are they the titles of extra pages you have added? I was hoping to add a page for photographs of WIP and another for photographs of completed projects and have tried to do this (although a bit nervous about messing up the blog as I currently have it) but they just seem to appear in the same way as my blogs and not as separate pages with a title tab. Can you offer any advice on setting pages/tabs up, please?
    You made me laugh when you said that you will keep the magazines that have designs in that you might stitch one day. Isn't that what ever stitcher says? That's exactly what I thought I would do until I started looking at each one to see what was in them. Had I stuck to my original plan I would still have at least 85% of my magazines which is why I then decided to go with the option just to keep the charts I hope to stitch one day.............takes up a lot less space! Didn't get many more done this afternoon but hoping to get some more sorted over the weekend. Will need to get rid of the unwanted, cut up mags asap though as they seem to taking over! Lol!
    Please pop in again some time. :O) Happy stitching.
    Jane x